return AND earn

The Coly Club needs your empty drink containers

Coly Club manager, Duncan, is collecting empty drink cans and bottles and taking them to to the Return and Earn collection point in Griffith each week (on his day off, would you believe). This is of huge benefit for our club as he has been raising over $100/week for the club. This pays for the weekly raffle prizes.

The Coly Club also thanks Dan Griffiths for his decision to donate all the empty drink containers from the Brolga Hotel.

The Return and Earn Scheme is a huge benefit for the Coleambally Community Club, so don't throw your empty drink containers into the Otto, put them back into the carton and drop the carton in at the club anytime. Each carton of empties brings in $2 or $3 for the club. If you throw the empty containers into the Otto bin, the only ones who'll benefit are the recyclers. Give them to us instead.