The Coly Club has introduced a 10% discount on all drinks and some club promotion ie. the Sunday Roast etc. from 1 July 2016 on presentation of your newly renewed membership card for 2017. Discounts will not be available on your current 2016 membership card. Discounts will apply to all drinks except those that are already discounted ie. Sunday Session etc.

The Coly Club Board has held basic membership to $15 with family and corporate packages available which include substantial benefits, so check them out.

Existing members will receive a renewal form in the mail. A letterbox drop will also be conducted this week throughout the Coly district for all residents.

The new club manager would like to inform all residents that if they are not members of the club and wish to avail themselves of the facility, that they must sign in as a temporary member every time that they enter the club. This must be done as there are substantial fines imposed by the NSW Dept. of Justice (OLGR) on the club should we ever be inspected, which could happen at any time without notice. Furthermore, by law, non-members are only entitled to temporary membership on 3 occassions per year.

The annual cost of membership is only $15 which will be repaid in discounts in a short time, so why not renew or join ASAP.