'Coly Club Run'

Touring Road Rally 2016

on 25th June




The Coly Club invites you to our inaugural annual touring road rally and have a great family day out. All you need is a current driver’s license, your car must be registered and roadworthy with a mounted fire extinguisher, and have an approved helmet for driver and navigator with a first aid kit.


Race permits are available on the day for anyone entering the Motorkhana and sprint laps. If time allows, a demonstration “burnout” session will be sure to please those enthusiasts.


The 'Coly Club Run' is a major fund-raiser for the Coly Club. Help us raise some much needed funds to keep “OUR” Community Club alive and enjoy a great day out.


See all details below. Click on the forms to enlarge and copy. Contact Chris Hardy on 0428 295 288 or email cshardy@bigpond.com.



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